The most common form of business in Latvia is the Limited Liability Company (Ltd.).

In Latvia, the citizens and companies of the Republic of Latvia, as well as all foreign citizens and companies, can establish without restrictions.
Our specialists will advise and help you to choose the most appropriate business form and optimal tax payment system, taking into account the specifics of the planned business.

There are two types of SIA:
– SIA with a share capital of 2800 Eur
– SIA with a share capital of 1 – 2799 Eur (small capital Ltd.)

Required information:
– Name
– Copy of the founder and board member passport and address of the place of residence
– Legal address (may coincide with residence address)
– Share capital

Cost of establishment:

– Small Cap Ltd. Registration (below 2800 EUR) 185.00 EUR *
– Regular SIA Registration 360.00 EUR *

* If the founders are foreign residents, there will be additional costs for the services of a sworn notary.

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