How much does the purchase of SIA in Latvia cost?
The purchase price of SIA differs depending on the package you want. Below is a table with different options, but you can also contact our friendly team and we will help you find the right solution.
Ltd. with VAT number and
bank account
2 months
2 months and with legal address
2 months
EUR 900
995 EUR
1095 EUR
Re-registration costs are included in the price.
Why buy an already registered SIA?
 Already registered SIA is useful for customers who do not have time to register a new one. It takes 4 business days for a business to be rewritten, but this process can take more than two weeks to register with a new VAT number. If you are not in a hurry and want to register a new SIA, you would be better off doing so.
How is the purchasing process going?
 We obtain information about the new owners and prepare all the documents.
We jointly sign a sales contract that protects you from any company history.
Full payment is made for the company and the legal address.
All documents are submitted to the Register of Enterprises.
After 3 working days, the Register of Enterprises issues a decision on changes in the company. (There is a possibility to speed up the review up to one business day by paying extra fees for a quick review)
 If we can do everything operatively, the whole process takes 4 business days. You can do business with your new business.
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