Accounting after registration
     Legislation sets out the accounting and organization requirements of any company. For any merchant, it will require some financial resources for maintaining the employee or using the service, as well as time and in-depth knowledge in the case of accounting by the owner. The frequency, type, amount of tax, terms, restrictions, and more will depend on the type of business you choose. But the main features are:

         All transactions are certified by source documents (invoices, invoices, etc.) and recorded in the accounting register

         Salary calculations

         Fixed assets accounting

         Preparation of various reports for banks

         Monthly reports to the SRS

          annual reports

How much do accounting services cost?
Number of documents per month

Our Price

up to 10 documents

100 EUR / month

up to 20 documents

200 EUR / month

up to 30 documents

300 EUR / month

more than 30 documents

Contact us to know the exact price

 Important to know

One accounting document is one of the following: 1 invoice issued, 1 invoice received, 1 printout of bank charges (about 15 payments), 1 employee.

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