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Benefits of a cashback card
– It is possible to get 4% “Cashback” and 4 Shopping Points with our loyalty card in our company and other “Cash back world” partners in Latvia and 47 countries.
– Cashback World is an association, a loyalty program that brings together more than 100,000 companies (loyalty program partners) in 48 countries around the world, that provides shopping benefits for over 8 million members
What you get:
– Cashback, which is transferred directly to your bank account until your savings have reached 10 Eur.
– Shopping Points for discounts on Shopping Point Deals.
– Loyalty program partners can get up to 5% Cashback and Shopping Points for EVERY BUYING in your area and around the world!
– Loyalty card * allows you to shop offline (at loyalty program partners) and online (in online stores).
– It is possible to use the Loyalty Card virtually by downloading the free Cashback App, where you will find the latest offers, loyalty program partners, their location and their ID and Loyalty Card number.
Free Cashback App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store!
More shopping with Cashback Card here:
Shopping with gift vouchers.
http: // https://www.lyoness.com/en/search?f=ct-1

Several loyalty program partners can only buy gift card vouchers.
Coupons are available at ‘Cashback world’ office at Cēsu street 31 k-2, Riga
(Baron block)

By purchasing gift card coupons, you can shop at the following stores:
Shopping online
Find more stores here
http: // https://www.lyoness.com/en/search?f=ct-5

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